Balm Boutique®

Our manufactory

Our values

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • simple recipes
  • own ingredients from our Abruzzo biofarm
  • aromatherapy - natural plant oils
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Balm Boutique® the Beauty Manufacture

Natural cosmetics effect

Natural beauty according to the creator Balm Boutique® Anny Prugar it is healthy, radiant skin, covered with a peach blush, a smile and eyes that mirror the soul. Welcome to a wonderful world Balm Boutique®, inspired by the nature of care. How much good in them !. Why is it worth getting to know us better and why would you like to come back to us? In our Manufaktura, elegant, dark glass jars are filled with creams with a rich but thoughtful composition, which are the essence of the philosophy - I am aware what I am applying on my skin. Our recipes, filled with 100% active ingredients, work to bring joy to your skin and peace to you. Balm Boutique cosmetics are our answer to the most problematic challenges of young and mature skin. Visit ours shop on-line.

Natural care - advantages

100 % Natural

Here you will find products with incredibly rich compositions for comprehensive care of the skin of the body and face. Based on 100% natural ingredients using the natural potential of plants, without the use of water, we create cosmetics that give amazing health benefits to your skin. They moisturize, stimulate renewal, heal and nourish. All ingredients in Balm Boutique creams are certified and scientifically tested. We know very well how minerals and substances contained in natural raw materials behave during production and how they affect skin cells and the entire body, including well-being. The effects of their use are spectacularly good - effective in action, and at the same time nature-friendly - because in a glass container - allowing to preserve the valuable properties of natural and plant ingredients. 

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Beautiful Skin


Our recipes, filled with 100% active ingredients, work to bring health to your skin and make you happy.

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What will you love our cosmetics for?

efekty na skórze

In Balm Boutique® creams you will find active ingredients obtained only from biologically pure crops. Extremely developed recipes with the composition absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the skin and its rapid absorption. Nourishing and regenerating natural cosmetics, thanks to which the body and senses have a chance for real pleasure. The ingredients include vitamins, omega acids, microelements, natural plant antioxidants, but also super healthy beeswax - they perfectly lubricate and stimulate the skin's renewal. WOW effect - tailored to different needs and skin types. Wonderfully developed compositions of essential oils, combined with a rich formula, rebuild the skin's hydrolipid barrier. And it's all closed in one glass jar.