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Kosmetyki natrualne

Naturally natural!

Short Introduction

Depending on the continent on which we live and the availability of plants that occur there in cosmetic treatments, since the dawn of time, women and men have used shea butter, kokum, olive oil, wax, herbal extracts or various types of fruit extracts.

The care properties of, for example, grapes have been known for as long as humans began to grow grapevines. To this day, the descendants of Romans (but probably not only) make masks of freshly crushed grape fruit to make the skin smooth and firm, and the juice to rub the skin of the feet. The use of olive oil directly as an embalming fluid for our skin also began thousands of years ago. It is an excellent skin care, moisturizing and nourishing agent. Cold pressed olive oils contain a rich palette of minerals and nutrients. 


Nowadays, with the availability of fresh products of plant origin from different continents, in our Balm Boutique® beauty manufactory, we can use the goodness of nature and by properly composing the cosmetic ingredients, use the best ingredients for a given application. This is how ours are made Creams, butters, serums, scrubs, masks etc.

What natural cosmetics are?

Naturalne składniki

Natural cosmetics are a group of products for the care, cleansing, protection and beautification of the body, produced from raw materials of purely natural origin. Therefore, a natural cosmetic is any cosmetic that is made of natural ingredients, i.e. of mineral, plant or animal origin. Important for this definition is the method of obtaining raw materials for the production of natural cosmetics, from semi-finished products obtained from nature, such as, for example, fruits, flowers, herbs, or others, because only physical methods, such as extraction, filtration, drying, pressing are allowed for their processing. , distillation, freeze-drying, grinding, screening, which means low processing of the material (preserves the nutritional and care value of the ingredients). Ingredients of animal origin are unacceptable if their collection interferes with the health or life of the animal. Only raw materials obtained without harm to animals are acceptable, e.g. honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, lanolin, milk. In addition, biotechnological processes (including enzymatic and microbiological processes, such as xanthan gum, hyaluronic acid) are allowed. Natural cosmetics should not contain synthetic substances. The definitions allow to define with a natural cosmetic also those cosmetics that contain water. Unfortunately, the use of water requires the use of preservatives, such as biocytes, and these, unfortunately, are already highly toxic. 

Balm Boutique® Cosmetics


  • We obtain olive oil and essential oils from our own Italian biological farm in Abruzzo.
  • Our Cosmetics mainly they do not contain water - we do not use synthetic chemicals, including preservatives. 
  • We produce using traditional methods according to the recipes prepared by our company and the technology of their production, using only mechanical and thermal processes (heating and cooling).
  • Cosmetics are made by hand (without the use of specialized machines).
  • We test only ourselves and a selected group of people with different types of skin and its properties.
  • Our packaging is made of reflective solar control glass and is reusable.


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What is worth knowing!

  • Some natural ingredients from which we create our compositions have healing properties and help in the treatment of skin diseases.
  • They provide the skin with the nutrients it needs.
  • As a rule, they do not cause allergic reactions, do not harm the skin, and do not irritate it.
  • The complete absence of chemicals and potentially harmful substances ensures safety and promotes a healthy life.
  • A holistic approach to the daily care of our body.
  • Cosmetics used by many people on a daily basis contain many chemicals, the safety of which has not been fully confirmed.
  • Long exposure to industrial chemicals can have wider health consequences - irritation, allergies, and disease.
  • Chemical additives are used to lower the price (more water), improve durability, enable mass production, long shelf life - we do not use such raw materials.