Balm Boutique®

How We Do It?

How We Do It?

Hand made only!

Traditional care methods


In Balm Boutique® we rely on the traditional knowledge of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers as well as on simple, proven raw materials that do not contain toxic and harmful substances for the skin. When creating minimalist recipes, we often choose familiar ingredients such as: our organic olive oil, lavender, which is what we grow here, also using natural essential oils. For us, nature is the most important and infinite source of inspiration. Out of respect and love for the environment, we use reflective solar control glass in production, thanks to which we will not contribute to littering our planet.

In our Beauty Manufacture, we use essential oils. Balm Boutique® cosmetics are characterised by a delicate, floral or natural oil scent. They leave a pleasant, delicate scent on the skin, showing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils also have proven antioxidant properties to help prevent damage from free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the damage of proteins, including collagen and elastin fibers and lipids.

Are You Ready ?

At Balm Boutique, we believe in the power of natural beauty flowing from the heart and the depths of nature. Every day
we draw inspiration from the natural power of olive trees, the scent of herbal flowers and fruit that decorate our magical land of Abruzzo. Discover the collection of face and body care products, whose delicate but expressive formulas and the highest quality natural ingredients will delight your skin and senses.

Always fresh and healthy

Carefully selected ingredients

In Balm Boutique® każdy słoik jest wyjątkowy, hand made in our laboratory with commitment and passion. We create products for people and with them in mind. Our team consists of experts representing various fields whose knowledge we have a chance to use every day, constantly improving the quality of our cosmetics. We consistently work on improving our recipes, while caring for the good of nature. The quality of natural ingredients and the proportions of their use is an extremely important part of our mission. We work only with carefully selected certified ingredients, testing their effectiveness and impact on the skin. Some of them, such as olive oil, are obtained from our olive trees, which makes us original, unique and 100% natural. As for food, we believe that what is fresh is healthy for our skin. Simple and understandable compositions guarantee the highest quality and safety. We are convinced that the true beauty is hidden in plants and that fresh and natural ingredients of our cosmetics enhance their effect on the skin by reaching its deepest layers. We only use natural products in our production. We are constantly discovering the amazing power of nature, its healing properties, which inspire us and never cease to delight. 


In Balm Boutique® we strive to ensure that the ingredients used in our recipes are of the highest quality. Not all of them are organic, but they all come from proven producers. Most creams use vegetable oils, none of them are of petrochemical origin. Ingredients selected in proportion to their properties and effectiveness. Our formulas contain many great ingredients, including fresh olive oil and beeswax - an extremely healthy substance, rich in various types of acids such as palmitic, melissa, acetic. The wax has a bactericidal, smoothing and moisturizing effect. Thanks to highly nourishing substances, it oils the skin and protects it from drying out.

Cudowna Moc Natury

Naturalne zapachy, magiczna konsystencja, wyłącznie świeże składniki, to znajdziesz w naszych kosmetykach.

Fresh olive oil


Our caring menu includes products that contain fresh extra virgin olive oil from our grove in Abruzzo, where we passionately care for every olive tree on our land. Oil as a cosmetic agent has been known for thousands of years, which means that it has become a component of our natural cosmetics. Thanks to the high concentration of anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants, olive oil is an ally in the care of dry and mature skin as well as skin with problems such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Thanks to the content of vitamins E, A and K, olive oil is an effective remedy not only for wrinkles, but also scars, discoloration or other skin changes that appear over the years. When rubbed, the skin becomes more elastic, moisturized and nourished. The valuable vitamin F (unsaturated fatty acids) present in olive oil protects the skin against moisture loss, as it restores the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis. Olive cream is perfect as an anti-wrinkle compress.




The safeness of cosmetics production is a huge responsibility. It depends not only on the safety of raw materials used in recipes, but above all on people and their reliable approach to work. The production process takes place in accordance with the requirements introduced by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, i.e. in accordance with the GMP principles.

Ecology in full swing

Reflective solar control glass


In our laboratory, we constantly try to introduce production methods that allow the use of environmentally friendly methods. Starting with the use of electricity from your own photovoltaic power plant through packaging. At Balm Boutique we use reflective glass sunscreen, which perfectly absorbs light radiation and suppresses UV radiation. Glass jars made of dark reflective glass provide excellent protection from the sun's rays to the cream inside. Dark glass does not react in any way with the product present inside it, so it does not change its individual characteristics, such as e.g. smell. protecting against deterioration of precious natural raw materials contained in it.