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Krem do twarzy – is produced min. based on olive oil, it is a 100% natural cosmetic, and its formula is water-free. The cream contains: freshly pressed olive oil from our olive trees, argan oil, essential oils, vitamin E and beeswax - with a nourishing and regenerating effect. Despite the richness of ingredients, the cream is quickly absorbed. Oils, regenerates and prevents water evaporation from the epidermis
Krem do rąk – is the perfect treatment for dry and chapped skin. If your hands need immediate regeneration, a cream enriched with fresh kokum butter, beeswax, aloe vera extract and rosehip seed oil will be the perfect solution. The green color of the cream is the result of the nourishing effect of spirulina. The formula with a creamy texture is quickly absorbed, regenerates without leaving an irritating film. Regular application will keep your hands moisturized, smooth and incredibly soft.
! Creams contain our favorite bee wax that is, a substance derived from bees.

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