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Kosmetyki Naturalne

Why Natural

Why is it worth using natural cosmetics?

Care in the past and today

We can often find a statement on the Internet that we have been delighted with natural cosmetics for several years. Why do they think so experts? Is such a statement justified? We believe that these are not entirely legitimate theses. Our great-grandmothers, whips, moms, and you could probably go back even further back to the nineteenth century, when organized cosmetic factories are established on an industrial scale, we also used cosmetics made of natural ingredients. The houses created their own butters, pomades and soaps. Nothing new here.

Why are we interested in them today on a larger scale? For two main reasons: our awareness has increased and we are not delighted with chemical news and because the Internet has given us access to almost unlimited knowledge on this subject.

What are natural cosmetics, we write on our website Natural Cosmeticse.

The growing awareness (including environmental awareness) of the society, which we have already mentioned, causes that we are more and more interested in what we use or apply in our everyday life, which products are better than others and why. This applies to all areas of our life. Our intimate sphere, our body, mental balance and coexistence with nature are especially important. Certainly, this interest also increases popularity natural cosmetics. Contrary to the opinion of the experts in the field of cosmetology mentioned here, who said that it was only a temporary infatuation with customers, it turns out that the fashion for natural cosmetics does not pass, and for many of us their use has become completely natural and we cannot imagine everyday use without them. care.

Of course, behind our feelings that tell us that what is natural is good for us, there are rational premises about which a few words below.

Safe and skin - friendly ingredients

Actually, What are They?

The basic principle of natural cosmetics is to use ingredients that are not harmful to human skin - natural ingredients. This is the most important difference compared to conventional cosmetics, which use ingredients that can clog the pores of the skin, violate its natural lipid barrier, dry out, cause rashes and redness. Many of them also affect the disruption of the normal functions of the skin and our hormonal balance, and are carcinogenic. The substances considered harmful include parabens, SLSs, glycols, PEGs, and mineral oils. There are no such substances in certified organic, organic and natural cosmetics. Because by choosing a natural cosmetic, you avoid the use of dangerous ingredients that can have a harmful effect not only on your skin, but also on your health.

Less risk of skin irritation and skin allergies

Although natural cosmetics are not always hypoallergenic cosmetics, their use is generally associated with a lower risk of allergies and irritation than the use of drugstore cosmetics. This is because natural cosmetics contain fewer chemicals, often harmful to the skin, which can irritate the natural protective barrier of the skin, cause rashes, redness, itching or burning. Real natural cosmetics are skin-friendly due to the use of gentle and natural substances in their compositions.

Simple compositions and formulas

This is another reason to reach for natural cosmetics. Instead of a long list of ingredients, many natural cosmetics contain only 4-5 of them. And it is enough for the cosmetic to be effective and work well on the skin or hair. Even if there are more ingredients, deciphering their names should not be a problem. What you will find in most of them are vegetable oils, plant extracts, essential oils, proteins, clays, etc. The composition of each cosmetic, known as INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), is given in Latin. They are given on the label in the order of their occurrence, starting with the most numerous. Manufacturers also provide Polish names for ease. For most companies, water is the largest ingredient (up to 80%). Unfortunately, these cosmetics are also called according to natural law, but as we already write many times on our websites and entries in cosmetics Balm Boutique® do not add water. To produce light cream texture or to achieve the fluffiness of the butter you do not need to look for help in water emulsions and sell something you do not need expensive.

Effective action

Active plant substances constituting the basic ingredients of natural cosmetics they work effectively and support the natural processes taking place in your skin. Instead of blocking the work of the sebaceous glands, they improve it. Instead of irritating the natural protective barrier - they strengthen it. Instead of forming a moisture-retaining layer on the skin, they bind water in the cells and prevent the skin from evaporating. Instead of covering your hair with a coating that gives it shine, they rebuild the hair from the inside, smoothing it and bringing out its natural beauty. Natural cosmetics are effective and although you often have to wait a while for the effects of their action, it is worth doing and giving the skin a chance, supported by its plant-friendly ingredients, to function according to its natural rhythm.


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Poszanowanie środowiska naturalnego i miłość do zwierząt

Banal and yet true

An important assumption of natural cosmetics, apart from the use of natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, is respect for the natural environment. What does this mean in practice? Natural cosmetics packaging is made of ecological raw materials and can be recycled. The ingredients from which cosmetics are made are sourced in an environmentally friendly manner, in the natural conditions of their growth, without unnecessary human and machine interference. In our case, the raw materials from which the ingredients of our cosmetics are made come from a biofarm, including our own Italian farm. On special plant crops that are used in the production of cosmetics no chemical plant protection products are used, the soil is fertilized in a natural way, without the use of toxic ingredients, which penetrate into the groundwater and their vapors are in the air. Just like in our Balm Boutique® beauty manufacture, we often focus on manual production of cosmetics, in a limited amount, which goes directly to the customer, instead of staying in the warehouse for several months and then ending up in a landfill. It is also essential that natural cosmetics are animal - friendly – are not tested on animals and in most cases, no animal ingredients are used in their production, except for wax and honey as those animals produce.

What can we find in the compositions of various natural cosmetics?

Free from parabens and harmful substances

What can we find in the compositions of various natural cosmetics?

Natuarl Oils - vegetable oils obtained by cold pressing and not subjected to refining processes are the most valuable ingredients of natural cosmetics. Their name in the composition includes the word Oil. Sweet almond oil is called Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, argan oil is Argania Spinosa Seed Oil lub Argan Oil, sunflower oil is Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil.

Plant extracts - from herbs, flowers, fruits. Their name usually includes the word Extract. An example would be green tea extract Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, aloe extract Aloe Vera Extract, grape seed extract Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract.

 Hydro-alcoholic plant essences extracted with distilled water and natural ethyl alcohol and herbal hydrolates (we do not use in Balm Boutique).

Antioxidants, i.e. natural antioxidants. They neutralize the action of free radicals, ensure the correct level of hydration, protect against the effects of external factors. In natural cosmetics, these are primarily vitamin E - Tocopherol, vitamin C - Ascorbic Acidvitamin A - RetinolRetinyl Acetale, or Palmitate.

Butter and other natural emollients. Natural butters are vegetable oils that have a solid consistency at room temperature. Specified by the name in the composition of the cosmetic Butter, e.g. shea butter Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, masło kakaowe Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter. In addition to butters, natural cosmetics contain emollients such as beeswax - Cera Alba, or lanolin - Lanolin.

Proteins - mainly those derived from plants. They have moisturizing, softening and film-forming properties. Natural cosmetics include: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (hydrolizowane białka pszenicy), Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (hydrolizowane białka soi), Hydrolyzed Keratin, i.e. hydrolyzed keratin (we do not use hydrolyzed substances at Balm Boutique).

Essential oils. They have healing and caring properties, enrich cosmetics with a fragrance, and are also natural preservatives. Recognizing an essential oil is not as easy as, for example, vegetable oil. Vegetable oil, as I wrote above, has the word in its name Oil. Essential oils have different names. It can be e.g.  Rosmarinus officinalis - under this name, rosemary oil appears in the composition of the cosmetic, it can also be Melaleuca alternifolia and under this name, tea tree oil is mentioned.

Soothing ingredients, such as panthenol - Panthenolallantoin Allantoin, calendula - Calendula Officinalis, czy arnika górska  – Arnica Montana.